We are pleased you have found the Jamestown Baptist Church website. The first thing you will notice is the tremendous variety and opportunity to meet the needs of our congregation. We are confident that at Jamestown you will find friendly and loving people, solid Bible teaching, healthy small groups and all sorts of activities and events to foster the development of healthy relationships with each other and with Christ.
During the month of February Jamestown Baptist Church will be performing different acts of kindness to others in our community in an effort to “Love Out Loud.” It could be anything from buying someone’s lunch, to doing yard work, or small jobs. Whenever an act of kindness is done, they will leave a “love out loud” card behind to let the person know that someone at Jamestown loves them. Our hope is that through these acts we will be sharing the love of Jesus with someone who needs to know that no matter what is going on in their life, Jesus loves them and always will! If you happen to receive a card we would love to hear about it and by all means if given the opportunity, pay it forward.